Welcome, you lovely human. I'm here to help you live the hi glow way. Let's make beauty not so complicated.

teasing isn't just for Dolly.

teasing isn't just for Dolly.

You know those people with the perfectly messy bun? The cute top knot? The hair that never seems to fall flat? Meanwhile, you can't shake the feeling that you look like a wet cocker spaniel.

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Envy is our middle name. But it doesn't have to be. When the going gets rough, and you can't give yourself any volume no matter what style you're trying to achieve - just close your eyes.

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Picture Dolly Parton.


I know, I know. Bear with me. Picture Dolly leaning over your shoulder in the mirror saying, "Tease that hair up to Jesus, darlin'." 

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If you've never done it, you might feel a little weird at first. Teasing feels like you're trying too hard, right? NOPE.

The hi glow way:

  1. Section out your hair and spray the root of the section you are working on with hairspray or texturing spray. Tease in small sections. This helps you control the height better. Texturizing spray is my favorite, because it gives the comb more to grab ahold of. (Sea salt spray or some type of beach-y wave name spray will do this job, too.)
  2. Grab your legit teasing brush. This will not work with one of those black combs we have all had for 29 years. The right tool makes the tease. Push the hair with the teasing brush down to your scalp rather aggressively. You are wanting this to look like Miss Havisham in Great Expectations. If you don't know who I'm referring to, SHAME ON YOU FOR NOT PAYING ATTENTION IN ENGLISH CLASS.
  3. Comb top layer of pretty hair over rat's nest and spray with hairspray. This is where you have to use your best judgement. Want more lift? Repeat steps 1-2. I promise the covered rat's nest will not feel like it at first. No need to go crazy, but you will find that you need to tease your hair more than you think you might to get the look you want.

You can control this. The act of teasing will pump up the volume so you don't have to feel sad when you go into the bathroom and see wet cocker spaniel hair.

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avoid cocker spaniel hair.

avoid cocker spaniel hair.

dirty hair, don't care.

dirty hair, don't care.