Welcome, you lovely human. I'm here to help you live the hi glow way. Let's make beauty not so complicated.

no touching.

no touching.

We've all been there. It used to be forever ago for some of us, or something we deal with constantly. But, inevitably on your special occasion of choice, the underground pimp from hell comes to wreak havoc on your beautiful face. 

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Let's be real. We wanna get rid of that sucker and FAST. But hold on there, tiger. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you cannot touch your face. 

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I know, I know. It looks like it'll go away under pressure. IT WILL NOT. Zits are little bearers of gross bacteria. If you fiddle around with them, they will get happy, grow legs, and walk all over your face like a flash mob.

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The hi glow way:

  1. Wash face & use toner twice a day. Toner is necessary. It doesn't have to be fancy or cost a million dollars (proof).
  2. Apply your preferred method of acne ridding magic. I prefer using geranium oil, but if oils ain't yo thang, use whatever works.
  3. Conceal that sucker like stolen treasure on a pirate ship. I love this concealer, and don't forget to add some powder over top so it stays put. 

It might not be the answer you're looking for, but it keeps you from spreading bacteria on your dewy skin and creating scars that no one has the time or money to take care of. When in doubt, don't be.

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dirty hair, don't care.

dirty hair, don't care.